Basic Information

The Association’s main activity is the holding of performances in the country and abroad in festivals and historical events.

In addition we also perform in youth camps, on national holidays, community days and on many other occasions for the request of our partners.

We can improve the quality of any events with our eventful and specrtacular performances, and with the help of our unique view as reenactors we can also provide a glimpse into our national and cultural values which is one of our main goals

The strengthening of these events and the representation of our historical values in an entertaining way is the basis of our creed.

Our performances are held by people with years of training behind them, who spend dozens of hours with honing their abilities and skills, which is of great importance as we need to provide quality performances in a variety of ways and froms.

There are several kinds of performances and ways of representations in our disposal created and honed by the years of experience and with the support of our partners, by which we can satisfy many requirements and needs. Depending on the needs of our partners, we can provide performances with more focus on the demonstration of our history, equipment and professionalism, focusing on detail and historical accuracy. In others due to the composition of the audience, a more entertaintment focused presentation is needed, which may also have to take into acount the presence of children. If the conditions allow us, we are also capable of providing with a whole play. To some places we also carry our entire camp with a whole kitchen, whic allows us not only to give a spectacular view, but also a gastronomic event on its own.

We also have experience in organising whole festivals in which 100-110 reenactors were present.

It is now evident that on the field of reenactment we are capable of thinking in a coplex and manyfold way, because we think that as long as it is made with quality in mind, reenacment can be done in dozens of ways. In all of our requests made towards us by any business partner, we start out with a survey of needs, in person if possible, so we can negotiate about the circumstances and the goal of the event to which we can prepare accordingly. In this we take into account the space we need, the number of people required and the type of performance that is most suitable for those conditions.

Later on we can also provide with promotional materials for the event organisers so they can announce us in advance if the need arises. In addition to these we may also request our business partners with a tour around the location If this is not possible, than we usually ask for a set of pictures about the location based on which we can come with the equipment most suitable for the event. For events that requires our presence in a more complex manner we can also provide support involving people with many years of experience in reenactment and event organisation involving reenactment.

Our performances are never only about the performance itself, as we always invite the visitors to come and get more involved in the atmosphere of history and reenactment. This we think is the most important part of our activity because this way we can provide the most eventful experiences to our audience.

It is of high importance to us to be an aduience-oriented association that focuses on the representation of our history and culture in an entertaining and interactive way for we think that this is the best way for us to achieve our most fundamental goals.