Cookie Policy

The website uses cookies for making the use of the website easier and for monitoring the activity on the website in order for the user to get the most relevant information.

Please read this document carefully and only take the services of the website if you agree with all of its conditions. We would like to note you, that this cookie policy only applies to this particular website.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small sized data package, that is stored in the browser by the different website and internet service providers. It is an invaluable tool for an online service to be effective and to make the users’ experience satisfying, for which it is supported by all browsers.

How are Cookies created?

First a client computer sends a question for the service provider after which the provider creates a unique identifier which is then stored in its own database. Following this the cookie created by this process is sent back to the client with all the information. The information cookie created is stored on the client computer.

How a cookie is used?

When a client computer is connected again with the service provider, the cookie generated beforehand is paired up with the device. The service provider then compares the content of the cookie content received and the stored one. By this the website easily identifies users that have registered on it. Without these for example you couldn’t sign in to the website.

What cookies are used by the website?

The cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • To improve the website,
    ●To make the navigation on our website easier throughout the use of it, providing a more streamlined user experience,
    ● To collect information about how our website is being used – based on the data collected about how frequently a particular part of our website is visited and used for us to be able to create an improved user experience the next time you visit our website,
    ● To get information about how to make the user experience better the next time you visit our website,
    ● To place targeted advertisements on other websites,
    ● To differentiate and identify from other users,
    ● To monitor the activity on the website in order to deliver you a more personalised message about our most recent services and offers.

Types of Cookies

Function Cookies

These Cookies provide the appropriate functioning of the website, creates the use easier and collect information without the identification of our users.

These include the storing of calculation results, the state of the conceit for our cookies policy, the storing of sign in data, the state of website notifications, and the restricted functionality Google Analytics code.

Comfortable use of our website can’t be guaranteed without these Cookies.

Statistical Cookies

For the development of our website and the improvement of our users’ experience we use cookies that allows us to collect information about how our website is used. These cookies can’t identify you and they collect information such as which site is visited by our users, which part of our website is clicked on the most, how many sites our users have looked up, how much time our users have spent on each site, what possible error messages our users might have received.


Performance cookies

These kinds of cookies are like the ones used by Google Analytics. For more information about Google Analytics cookies visit this website:

Cookies used by Google Optimise are also included in this category. For more information on these cookies visit this website:

Advertising and targeting cookies

These cookies are for making the information most relevant to you appear on the website. These cookies can’t identify you without your consent and collect information such as which website has been visited by our users, which part of the website has been clicked on by the user, how many sites have been searched.

With your consent your personal data and the information collected via the monitoring of the website can be used to optimise our marketing communication towards you more personalised.

These Third-Party advertisement cookies are used on our website:

Google AdWords
Detailed information about the service can be accessed via this link:

Detailed information about the service can be accessed via this link:

Detailed information about the service can be accessed via this link:

How can you check and disable our cookies?

All modern browsers allow the modification of Cookies settings. Most browsers accept cookies as default, but these can be usually modified, by which your browser can prevent automatic acceptance and can always provide you with the choice to accept cookies.

Please note that the purpose of these cookies is to make the use of our website easier and to make certain functions usable, it is possible that some of the functions will not be available in case these cookies are denied or removed.

Check for information about the Cookies settings of the most popular browsers via the following link:

  • Google Chrome
    ● Firefox
    ● Microsoft Internet Explorer
    ● Microsoft Edge
    ● Safari