Data Security Policy

Your personal data provided by you is controlled by:

Association’s name: Debreceni Történelmi Korok Hagyományőrző Egyesület
Residence: 4026 Debrecen, Hortobágy u. 5. 8/48.
Tax number: 18599990-1-09
Registration number: 09-02-0004443
Registering jurisdiction: Debreceni Törvényszék Cégbírósága – henceforth: Imprint.

Please read our data security policy carefully (henceforth: Data policy), in which we detail our practice based on the GDPR (the 2016/679 decree of the European Parliament and Council). This is applied to all who use the data controller’s services as a user (in that case „you”). Introduces how the data controller collects data and how it uses and shares it with third party members in addition to listing the rights provided to the user in relation to them.

The Data controller (imprint) is dedicated to protect your personal data and privacy. This briefing and declaration are about the confidential online data control policy for the subscribers of the website’s news reel and other customers who visit it. We summaries those sets of data that can be collected about you and how these data are used. These data cannot be handed to unauthorized people and are used according to the points and regulations presented within this policy.

The purpose of data controlling can be modified in unique cases that always happen in respect to the conditions detailed in the service contract.

This briefing grants you with important information about the protection of your data and your rights concerning it. If the user denies these conditions, then it has the right to cease the use of the website without handing out any personal data.



1.1 Data control information

The service provider responsible for the handling of data is the Debreceni Történelmi Korok Hagyományőrző Egyesület according to this policy.

For any notes, questions or complaints made on our data handling services please contact the following address: Kósa Sándor, Hortobágy utca 5., 8/48, Debrecen, 4026, or email us on

Data controller’s responsibilities
Kósa Sándor, Hortobágy utca 5. 8/48, Debrecen, 4026 All activity

Our website can be accessed without providing us any of your personal data, but it is essential to accept our Cookie Service Policy and the acceptance of the Data Security Policy in case you wish to subscribe to our news reel. All data can be classified as private data as long as it can be applied to any natural person. In case the website’s owner collects your personal data, it does so with confidentiality and transparency.

Your private data are a collection of information that can be used for the identification of your person e.g.: surname, first name, nationality, contact number, post code, email address. Your personal data is collected while the website is being browsed noting all the necessary data in advance with your voluntary admission. If you are not willing to share these data, you will not be able to access some functions and services of this website. The collection of data optionally shared are used in order to get more information about the users’ needs, and for the improvement of our services.

The provider does everything in order to keep the personal data controlled precise and up to date.

The data being controlled by us are the following:

● System information (IP address, system version, screen resolution, statistics about the pages viewed by the users, browsing habits, behavior patterns.

Duration of data control:


● For the duration of the user’s contribution (until withdrawal) in case of contributions for Direct marketing purposes.
● For 4 years after the last access to our website was made

Conditions of data transmit


The data handled by the data controller – to a necessary extent – can be transmitted to the following people and companies:

● Data control
● Legal representation
● Legislative services for handling legal disputes
● Mailing
● Registering and accounting
● Claim executives
● Marketing
● Invoicing

Data control and processing people, companies


The data controlling process is done by the owner of the website: Debreceni Történelmi Korok Hagyományőrző Egyesület. Other companies also take part in the handling, storing and processing of data provided by our users.

Which companies are connected to data control?


Companies involved in the data control process are the following:

● Google Inc.: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, other contacts, storing of Cloud data and files, online data handling, other related services: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, YouTube, Blogger, Chrome support – Google data protection.
● Facebook Ireland Ltd.: 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other services and products by Facebook, supporting of functions – data handling policy and contact of data protection officials.
● Other data processing people and companies can be included in special cases.

Data owners’ rights and right enforcement

In case you don’t wish your data to be used for commercial purposes, you have the right to deny it without any justification, The request for deletion has to be sent in writing to the Data handler via email or posting to the addresses noted in the imprint.

Data protection of minors and people of diminished capacity


The content of the Debreceni Történelmi Korok Hagyományőrző Egyesület’s website is mainly not for people under the age of 13. We don’t collect data from people under the age of 13 without parental or caregiver’s consent. The parents or caregivers of the child can request the deletion of all personal data from our website. In case the child’s age becomes apparent in the process of data handling, then the data provided can be used for receiving the approval of the child’s parents.

For people of diminished capacity, the approval of legal representative is required except for registrations needed for everyday needs and services not requiring extended care or consideration.

Cookie handling


Information about cookie handling can be read in our Cookie policy.



● Data processor: Natural or legal person, organization or agency that handles personal data in the name of the data handler.
● Data handling: Automated or non-automated processes or collection of processes made on personal data e.g.: collection, bracing, organization, segmentation, proposition, modification, edition, query, access, use, sharing, and other methods of making it accessible, coordination, connection, restriction, deletion, termination.
● Data sharing: The sharing of the data with a third party by the data handler
● Data protection incident: Any damage in the protection of data that results in the intentional or unintentional termination, change, loss, or unauthorized transmission or provision of access to data shared, stored or handled by any other means
● TAC: The Terms and Conditions of Data handling and protection polices

  • Natural person: any person, who can be directly or indirectly identified by any means of identification such as name, identification number, location data, online identification data, physical physiological, genetical, mental, economical, or social data.
    ● Addressee: Natural or legal person, organization, agency with whom the personal data is disclosed, independent of whether it is a third party or not.
    ● Subject’s consent: The voluntary, direct, and definite declaration of the will of the subject based on adequate information with which the subject signals its consent to the handling of personal data with an unequivocal action.
    ● Concerned: Any natural person identifiable by any information
    ● User: The visitors of the website, handled by the service provider
    ● Third party: natural or legal person, organization, agency that is not identical to the concerned, the data handler the data processor, or with those people that are given authorization to the handling of personal data via the supervision of the data processor.
    ● Authority: The National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (seat: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c., telefon: 06-1 391-1400, fax: 06-1 391-1410, e-mail:, weboldal:
    ● Partner/Customer: any natural person who doesn’t make a contract with the data handler via the website for the marketing of products or services.
    ● Registration: the setting of personal data for the user by which it creates a user’s account.
    ● Personal data: any data in relation to the subject
    ● Website: the websites handled by the data handler, Tárhely.Eu Szolgáltató Kft. and all of its websites accessible via other addresses