Historical Ages of Debrecen Association

Welcome to the website of the Historical Ages of Debrecen. Our association was founded on 2014 to represent Hungary’s historical, cultural and national heritage and values for the people of today.

Since the beginning, we have been thinking in wide-ranging activity to achieve our goal in as many ways and with as many methods as possible. This belief, as well as our activity, goals and plans are represented here. We are greatful for the time and energy you are investing into getting to know us.

About Us

Welcome to the „About Us” section of our website in which you can get to know us better, including our community, history, beliefs, goals, and our future plans. If you wish to get more insight into our activity, this is a great first step, but it is even better to see us in person on one of our events or trainings. Wether you wish to see us or join us, we are eager to welcome any new members, or people interested in reenactment.

Our community has been officially active since 2014, but the core members of us can trace back their involvement in the establishment of our community and activity to 2009/2010.
The „Our history” tab gives a more detailed explanation of our decade long history that created what we are today and influence what we are about to become.

As a reenactment community we quickly came into the realisation that reenactment itself is so manyfold that we wanted to reach out to as many people and ideas as possible, We wanted to become more and more authentic in appearance, character, activity and view, as much as we are trying to be open and available with our activity to people as we can.
This sort of view is of outmost importance to us, to represent this activity and beliefs and to get the most people involved as visitors. We firmly believe that the experience we get from reenactment should be shared with people.
This in practice means that presentation is a prominent part of our activity in all events, festivals and other performances that we participate in, trying to get people involved and show them our cultural and historical activity. This latter part is explained in more detail under the „Core beliefs” as well as our other beliefs.

Under our „Members” section you can get information about all of our current and former members, abotu how they became involved and about what they deem important in our activity and community.

Beside our activity as reenactors, we also put great emphasis on the organisation of our community. We are first and foremost a community of friends who like to share their time and energy in a vast number of activities both inside and outside reenactment. We think that a community like ours should turn much energy towards spending their time and efforts productively in a clutured and eventful way. Several of our shared activities, such as shared cooking and meals, trips, museum visits, fim watching, sport activities and celebration of our national holidays, serve this goal. Get more information about our community life under the „Community” tab.

Under the „Archives” seciton you can find all of the documents and other collections that we thnk could be useful to both us and to those who are in any way interested in reenactment or any related activity. This includes all the resources that we used as primary sources for our apparel and equipment, serving as a testament of our authenticity.
All of our beliefs about authenticity can be read about under the „Core values” section.
For our reenactment community, these sources and the explanation about why we deem them worthy for representation is amongst the building bolcks that serve as a basis for our activity that is also a determinal factor in our professionalism as well.


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