Paganini Concert

The goal of our Association is safeguarding and getting people relive and experience our cultural heritage since our foundation. We have always wanted to do this as inclusively as possible, expanding our circle of activity as much as we can to achieve this goal.

Our Association applied for the European Paganini Route Artistic and Cultural Association in 2023. We did this in the hope that it would start a long-term professional, humane and spiritual cooperation, about which we are absolutely dedicated, filled with excitement about this new opportunity. We feel ourselves honored by the opportunity of joining an international cultural and artistic community.

Our goal is to present Niccoló Paganini’s (27.10.1782-27.05.1840) life and work, and through his work the musical environment of the 18th and 19th century.

We are glad for this challenge, and we have been organizing events such as this since 2024, showcasing the life and work of similarly great musicians and other artists with similarly undying significance.