Squire training

Our squire trainings and adult trainings were created in the name of recreational sport. Here, children can get familiar with the historical weapons in a more entertaining then from a more professional angle.

We primarily hold archery and fencing courses accompanied by crafting and theoretical trainings as well.

In these programmes people can get into a living and active community, and later can take part in more communal activities like museum visits, campings and trips.

After a 2 years long training people get the opportunity to join to our association as reenactors, continuing their fencing and archery training, or getting into contact with a sports association with which we can help.

We eagerly wait for anyone interested in the traditional weapons of middle ages of Hungary, and those who wish to discover the art of fencing and archery.

Training locations

*Hungary, Debrecen: Homokkerti Közösségi Ház (Homokkert Community Centre), Debrecen, Szabó Kálmán u. 68, 4030

*Hungary, Derecske: Művelődési ház (Culture Centre), Derecske, Köztársaság út 107, 4130. or the Local Shooting Range in Derecske, Köztársaság út 5, 4130

Our location in Derecske:

Our location in Debrecen:



Kósa Sándor
Associtation president